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Slikanje ikone je kao molitva

Naucite da slikate ikone. One ce vas uzdici visoko i pokazace vam put.

Osnovne instrukcije

Podloga ili daska  

Use either MDF, Masonite or plywood. No knots, no sap dripping, no pine. Pine is often full of hidden sap. Sap will penetrate through painted layer and will destroy your painting. If this happen, no repair could be done, and the sap will mot likely continue to surface.

Solid wood is good, but not the best because it can warp or crack. If you can, use linden wood, as it is the best, but expensive. Or, use poplar.

Bevel the edges with a coarse sandpaper before priming.

Primer and priming

Refer to the label on the back of your rabbit skin glue, Normally I put 50-60 grams of rabbit skin glue in one litre of water, but it varies from brand to brand. Put rabbit skin glue in water to soften for a few hours. Next, worm the solution, but on low heat to dissolve the glue completely. Do not boil ever. Keep the temperature at lowest setting and stir frequently. Now, use a wide brush and apply one coat of that rabbit skin solution to the face of the board, previously cleaned fron any dust and dirt. Once that layer is dry, do another layer, but in perpendicular direction. When this dry to touch, soak the sides generously. Prime the back as well the same way.
In this same solution ( you will have to warm it up if the primer jellies up) , add gradually powdered calcium carbonate ( white chalk) with constant mixing, until it becomes like buttermilk. Mix it well and break any lumps of chalk, and stir again, and again, but avoid creating bubbles.

Lay your board on a flat surface ( floor, table) and put a sheet of paper underneath.

Apply thin layer of the primer, brushing in one direction only. Do not be confused. It may look like nothing has been covered, but when it dries, it will become whiter. Now do the same at 60 degrees, again, brushing in only one direction. Puddles of primer remove by gently bruising them into the rest.

Gently send the whole surface with a medium grit sandpaper after about 3 complete applications.
Remove all the dust, and prime it again. Any brush marks will have to be sanded as well.
Repeat the process until you reach 10 layers, both along the short and longer side.

Continue with sanding, now after each application, but with a finer grit.

Do same with the sides, but there is no need to ne to careful about the thickens of the primer. The sides will have to integrate in the overall look and feel of the primed board fave. No brush marks.

After proper drying ( one day ) your board is ready for drawing / coping the outline.

Transferring Outline

Do it either freehand, or by rubbing graphite onto the back of your exactly sized printout, and then tracing the outline from the picture side up ( do not forget to take the printout to the board to prevent it from accidentally moving the paper while coping)
After you are done, do not remove all tapes. Rather lift just a half of the paper to check how it is being copied onto the board, and when you are satisfied with the transfer, the board is ready.


Before I get into the pigments and painting itself, You will have to trace your lines ( on top of what you already copied) with a thin brush and a dark colour, usually burnt Umber or Black. Do it very accurately, as early mistakes will drive you crazy, if not detected and corrected on time.

Pigment, egg, water…start!
You will need the following:

A printout of the icon to paint
Two small glass jars ( for water and egg yolk/ water solution)
A few small round brushes
A glass palette or a cheap ceramic plate from a dollar store
A small paint knife
A rug
An easel ( if you do not have it, put your board on your knees. It actually works the best)
Pigments ( You should have three primary colours: Red, Yellow, and Blue. Red is cadmium, Yellow is also Cadmium, and the Blue is Ultramarine.
Titanium white is also a must. With these four colours, you should be able to make any other colour, except for the deepest black.
I use these:

Cadmium Red, Caution-toxic, over $20, do not inhale powder, do not get it in mouth, eyes, etc.
Cadmium yellow medium, caution- toxic, over $20, do not inhale powder, do not get it in mouth, eyes, etc.

Ultramarine blue, $15
Mars black, $10
Titanium white, $10
Burnt umber, $5
Raw Umber, $5
Burnt Sienna, $5
Raw Sienna, $5
Indian Red, $12
Red Oxide, (English Red, same thing) $7
Naples Yellow, $12
Chromoxide Green, $7
There are not toxic vapours though. Just be careful with pigment dust, and always wash your hands after.

Egg yolk preparation
crack an egg, remove the white by washing the egg yolk gently, and then pinch it by the membrane, squeeze it and remove the membrane as well.
Put the yolk in a jar and break it with fork or a brush handle. Add 3 parts of water and mix it well. Add a few drops of vinegar to preserve it for a couple of days.

Now, do what I said above for outlining your freshly copied icon. Put some black or Burnt Sienna ( but not Raw Umber), on your palette. Dip your brush into the egg yolk and gently apply lines on top of your drawing to reinforce it and to cover the pencil traces.

will continue….in construction


Ikonografiju sam prvi put pocela Marta 2018 I pre toga nisam imala nikakvih iskustva sa slikanjem , pocela sam da ucim prve korake u ikonografiji I iz casa u cas sam osecala nadahnuce , ikonografija je licno uticala terapeutski . Osecala sam mir I spokoj sve veci iz casa u cas da sam na kraju sama trazila da uradim jos dve ikone Jer su delovale na mene kao lek . Ikone sam radila ja , ali neverovatna bozija sila i duh su uticali da budu onakve kakve jesu. Predivne da sama nisam verovala da sam to ja uradila, a sve To zahvaljujuci velemajstoru profesoru Peci Rajkovicu kome se ujedno zahvaljujem na daru , nesebicnom znanju, vestinama kao I zalaganju da nam priblizi rad ikonografije. Preporucujem ikonografiju svim ljudima koji žele da se oste duh I mir boziji , kao I deci koja vole da crtaju. Aleksandra Essalki
Aleksandra Essalki
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